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Announcing The K-Chip

The Kistner Institute is delighted to introduce a completely new approach to health and wellness.There is a growing body of research that indicates that certain frequencies offer beneficial therapeutic results when exposed to the body. As humans, we are living energy and we have a frequency.

All aspects of our lives, health, and illness, operate according to the laws of quantum physics.


Frequencies are the best tools for regulating our health and well-being. Experts, with the help of state-of-the-art nanobiotechnology, have managed to imprint the frequencies into silicone (quartz crystal.) This opens up a whole new branch of physiotherapy devices that are simple and affordable for anyone.


At the Kistner Institute, we use a proprietary process to imprint healing frequencies into quartz crystal sand that is embedded on the K-Chip®. The crystals act like a mini-capacitor, capable of storing and delivering a set of bio-frequencies that naturally restore balance to the body’s energy field. Our research has shown that when the K-Chip® is applied to the left shoe under the ball of the foot (the K-1 acupressure point) optimum delivery of the healing frequencies is attained. While we make no claims, our research findings are providing us with many positive results. Our clients have shown improvement in balance, stability, energy, pain reduction and a general sense of well-being.

For more information on TBS and the K-Chip please visit our website or contact Joe Kistner at

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